Lone Fox Dancing by Ruskin Bond

lone fox dancing


My childhood companion Bond

I have been reading Ruskin Bond books since childhood and being a grown up now, I still read his books. He is one of those versatile authors who have the knack to mesmerize all the age group readers.

Autobiography of the Author

It always made me wonder what propels this writer to write such simple yet captivating stories. And I am thankful to the author. For I found all my answers in his recently published autobiography Lone Fox Dancing.

Intriguing Title

Lone Fox Dancing is quite an interesting title for the autobiography. My interpretation would be that author looks upon himself as a happily alone being but not lonely who dance at the tune of his heart.

lone fox dancing by ruskin bond

His journey as an author

No doubt after reading his autobiography I realized that to a great extent author had managed to live his life at his own will and choices. Seldom being dictated by society and circumstances.

His autobiography is his journey as an author. Ruskin Bond is a well-known author who has immense fan following and I assume a well paid author as well.

But it was not such from the beginning. His life as a writer was not a bed of roses. He had his share of struggle as a writer and was barely able to make the end meet. But he remained stick to it and success came late but it did come.

He writes, “What we seek may come to us when we no longer have any use for it, but if we have been willing it long enough, it will come.”

His Relationship

Ruskin Bond shares many stories, anecdotes and childhood impressions. He had bittersweet memories of childhood but no harsh feelings for anyone.

“Whatever the merits of a no-nonsense¬†upbringing, no child benefits from the absence of affection.”

At one place author says that as a kid he hated hair cuts and used to throw a lot of tantrum as a result his hairs stands like a spike which is very much in fashion these days.

lone fox dancing autobiography

Love God seems to be unhappy with our dear author but there was no dearth of friends in his life.

He gets on well with both older generation and younger generation. May be this could be the reason why everyone enjoy reading his books.

Bond’s second love – Walking

So from where he gets his ideas for story. Ruskin Bond walks a lot. He loves to walk. According to him the best way to explore a place is by walking. He is a keen observer. His walking habit doubled with his observing skills helps him to find stories even in mundane scenario. Also stories told by his caretakers and babysitter in his childhood days left a deep impression on his mind.

A true Indian

Something which really touched my heart was Ruskin Bond’s feelings as an Indian. Being an Anglo-Indian he was always looked upon as an angrezz. But there is more Indian-ness in Bond than us. In his own words

” ‘Home’ – that was the magnet. Not the ‘home’ of my mother and stepfather, but the larger home that was India, where I could even feel free to be a failure. The Land of Regrets, someone had called India; but for me it was a land of acceptance. For hadn’t I,¬† a mixed up colonial castaway, an accident of history, found acceptance on the streets and in the tea-shops and the wayside haunts of Dehra?¬† I wasn’t looking for a palace or a hilltop retreat. All I really wanted was my little room back again.”


Delhi from Bond’s Eyes

Also he has drawn an interesting comparison between the Delhi city of his childhood days which was before independence and Delhi city of his teenage days which was after independence.

Delhi of his childhood days was much easier place to live. There were trees everywhere. It was breezy and all the things were within easy reach.

But scenario changed by 1960-65. It became shockingly hot. Trees were gone. Delhi has become bigger in size. Travelling within Delhi became difficult. There was paucity of good water in Delhi.

Ruskin Bond never loved Delhi or other big cities. He was a ‘Pahari boy’ at heart. Since he always followed his heart and he lost his heart to the mountains of Dehra and later to Mussoorie.

The Verdict

Ruskin Bond is now in his 80’s. He might have a few more springs left to see but he will always live in the heart of the readers. His evergreen stories will make him immortal. Long live Bond.

Lone Fox Dancing is a lovely written autobiography. Simplicity and honesty could be seen and felt in every line of the book. Bond’s writing has a soothing effect and his autobiography is inspiring. It inspires you to follow your heart and to do what you believe in.

It’s a must read for all the Bond writing lovers. But even otherwise to know this king of writing who is such a humble man from heart.

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