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A Lot Like Love, a Li’l Like Chocolate by Sumrit Shahi is a typical Bollywood style romantic novel. These days I have been reading a lot of romantic novels written by Indian authors and sadly I have to admit that Indian authors are just not able to write a decent romantic novel. In fact I am still searching for an Indian romantic novel at par with novels like A Walk To Remember, Twilight series.

Like many romantic novels, A Lot Like Love, a Li’l Like Chocolate is also written in a fixed format adopted by the authors for this genre. There is a girl and boy who fall for each other. There is lot of romance, boozing around and other masaledaar stuff. Then comes a twist and climax of the so called love story and the book as well.

 A Lot Like Love, a Li’l Like Chocolate is the story about teenager Arnika and Shadab who are ambitious and focused about their career goals. They fall for each other. But Arnika goes to New York for higher studies and this long distance took toll on their relationship.  

Teenagers in the novel are really smart people in every aspect. They just know everything and are aware of their feelings as well. Yet they are not smart enough to understand this simple thing that relationship comes with certain responsibility and obsession for anything doesn’t help. Protagonists in the novel wants everything yet are poor at juggling, judging and setting priorities right. Perhaps these comes from experience.

The novel is written in the most informal and easy going style. It is difficult to call it a novel as it is written more like a play or script. But the author has smartly included every stuff in the story with which teenage readers can easily feel connected. So basically the book has been written keeping casual readers in mind who read once in a while to kill time or for time pass. It  is also written in a simple language so reading it is a breeze. One could easily finish it within hours and feel fresh and elated. (My case, though, is different)

The Verdict:  

A Lot Like Love, a Li’l Like Chocolate could be a fun read for high school or college goer readers, or someone who loves to read such kind of easy going and easily readable no-brainer books.

But it is definitely not recommended for avid hardcore readers. I like to read romantic novels but it is not just according to my taste.

‘I received a copy from Writersmelon in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.’ 


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