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Usually I do not prefer to read funny romantic novels as in the name of comedy authors add a lot of hanky panky kind of stuff thinking that it is funny to read it. Naturally I was apprehensive while reading Love.exe by Manju Nambiar as it is a rom com. But all my anxiety were put to rest as it was family melodrama kind of hilarious romance novel.

I like my romantic novels with high emotional dosage which will make me cry on separation of the lovebirds and excited at the anticipation of their reunion.  Love.exe  by Manju Nambiar is the first rom com novel I have read. So for a change I laughed and not cried.

Love.exe is a simple, light hearted novel with a happy go lucky kind of characters and all the melodrama extracted straight from the real life. You can easily connect with various episodes and characters in the story. Some of them surely occurred in your life as well.


Before I write any further just a brief summary about the story. The story is about Nitya who was all set ready to go to USA for higher studies. Like any parents, her parents were worried about their daughter living all alone in a new country. They find a perfect match for her. It was a win win situation for everyone.

But the marriage was called off and Nitya was heart broken. How she gathers her life and what becomes of her love life forms the rest of the story.

Humor in Melodrama

I was expecting the story would have some high voltage emotional drama. Nitya was a damsel in distress due to the marriage issue, but everything was presented by the author with the touch of humor. She has done a decent job in this regard and smile never left my face while reading it.


All the characters were adorable. Be it Nitya’s parents or relatives, their traits and characteristics were closed to reality. But all were white shaded. There was no black shaded or grey shaded characters. Typical Suraj Barjatya’s movies kind of characters. The advices which Nitya received from her relatives, even I received the same just before my marriage.

My Takeaways

You could find some sound advices in the novel. Some pearls of wisdom like

  • “Best medicine for most problems in life is open communication.”
  • “If you don’t have a valentine, be your own valentine.”
  • ” People give more weight to your words and not your action.”
  • “Learn the art of ignoring”

These were my major takeaway from the novel.

Highlight Scenes

Some of the scenes were really well written. Like the first meeting of Nitya and Ganapaty. The way Ganapaty asked questions to Nitya was hilarious. Again the time they spend looking at the stars was also good. The conversation between Nitya and her friend Balu, with latter explaining love by using the analogy of software was the highlight. Balu explains, “Spotting a plausible lover is like identifying the software you want to install on your computer”.


I have a few complaints as well. The story was far too stretched like sitcoms. It could have been trimmed down a little. I was finding difficult to retain interest in the story as it was fairly predictable and plotting was also not so interesting. The story, especially, towards the climax was highly inspired by Bollywood movies.

The Verdict

If you are looking for some cheerful and humorous romantic novel then Love.exe could be one. But mind you the story could be predictable.

Books Similar to Love.exe

Will soon come up with the list of books similar to Love.exe.

Romance Books That Will Make You Cry

As I said earlier I like to read sad romantic  books that will make me shed tons of tears. I don’t know why that is my personal preference.

So here is the list of books that will make you cry your eyes out. Beware do not dare to read these books without tissue papers. Keep them handy and dive in the world of pain as there cannot be love without pain.

A Walk To Remember by Nicholas Sparks – What a classic masterpiece! A Walk To Remember is the first of its kind of romantic book I have read. Protagonist is battling with cancer and her lover does not have the ilk.  So heart rendering and heart breaking. A Must Read.

Then comes The Fault In Our Star by John Green. A novel with a similar story line like A Walk To Remember. The only difference was in TFIOS both the lead characters were fighting the deadly disease Cancer. You know one of the adorable character will die at the end but you can never guess who. You Should Read It.

Another similar novel is Love Story by Erich Segal. It also a novel similar to AWTR. Again you cannot read it without misty eye. You can feel the pain of the characters.It is written in such a heart wrenching manner.

Enough of novels where protagonist were fighting with cancer. Now another tear jerker romantic novel If I Stay by Gayle Forman. It is written in a completely different narrative style where the protagonist is hanging between this world and after world and it is her choice to live alone or join her family in another world.

Will add more books to the list soon. Now


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