Love Life by Rob Lowe


After the bestseller his first memoir, Stories I Only Tell My Friends, Rob Lowe is back with his second memoir called Love Life. It is released on 8th April, 2014. Rob’s audacious attitude to come forward and accept his weakness and eccentricity in his character in his first memoir  Stories I Only Tell My Friends made him the real hero and consequently  the book also goes on to become a bestseller.

In his newly released memoir Love Life, Rob again makes some revelation about his life. But they are not as bold as his book. It basically concentrates about love in his life. Now this necessarily doesn’t means that he talks about his crush or someone else crush on him. He is now 50 and knows the importance of family in life.

He discusses about his love towards his family, as a husband and father. He shares many funny stories about his kids and time spent with them like camping trip with the family or training his kids and their team basketball.

He also shares his feeling about for his wife  Sheryl. He took considerable amount of time in recognizing her to be the ultimate love of his life. But this time he was not audacious enough to include the scandals associated with his life like that infamous sex tape.

Apart from his family, we all know how obsessed he is for acting. In fact he recalls his first acting attempt to feign smoking in front of his friends. There are many incidents related to his acting career which we writes about in the book. The most note worthy is the behind the kissing scene in The Lyons’ Den. There are similar many incidents which he divulge in the book.

Verdict: Love Life might not be as mind blowing as Lowe’s first memoir but his story telling manner are distinctive and have the ability to hooked the reader from the first page itself.




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