Marry Me Stranger by Novoneel

While I was searching Just Books library thinking about what to read next, the librarian suggested to read Marry Me, Stranger by Novoneel Chakraborty the first book in the Stranger series if I’m looking to read any suspense thriller. I was septic picking up the book but the librarian insisted and I relented. Well I was not disappointed. There is no thrill in the book but enough suspense to keep you turning the page.

It is a strange book where a person maybe male is after a woman who happens to be the lead character. The stranger helps her whenever she is in soup or rather it appears so as there is always a cost to pay not money though. Now this stranger is like a super human who has answers to all the questions, solution for all the problems. Could be very terrifying in real life.

The lead character Rivanah is always in trouble due to men in her life. The author has showed in every possible way the love life could be so deafening. But Rivanah continues to fall for men and trouble also comes with them. Sometimes the plot seems to be so vulgar and cheap that I wish to skip those part entirely and I did exactly that. It is the same thing again and again. Falling in love and being ditched once, blackmailed in another. Haven’t there the stranger’s character in the story it would have been an erotic novel to satisfy your imaginary sexual needs. Romance in it is of low class which is only to get intimate at the drop of hat. I think the author tried to compensate by coming up with some philosophical lines every now and then mostly by The Stranger.

So what kept me turning the page. It’s the curiosity to know who exactly is the stranger and how he or she is managing to stalk Rivanah and getting her out of puddle of problem each time without getting noticed. And his or her intentions. It was freaking me out. But till the end of the book the suspense was not disclosed. So I have to read the next book to know more. The book at the end has completely taken a new turn which will continue in the next book of the series which is All Yours, Stranger. In the next book a ghost might also find a place who knows. Everything is possible in The Stranger Series.

As I told earlier that if such shocking twist and turn happens in someone’s real life as it took place in the book with the character Rivanah then it will be terrifying. The plot really lacks realistic element though the author has picked up real life situations but still one have to import themselves in the alien world to read the book otherwise one could not like the book. In other words it is difficult to relate to the book.

The Verdict: It is time pass book for a one time read.



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