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Messed Up! But All For Love is the first book in the Messed Up series written by author Arvind Parashar. It is a romantic tale with a touch of thrill in it. True to its title everything is a mess in this book thanks to the crappy writing style of the author. This book is a perfect example how a good story becomes a disaster if not penned properly.

The book starts off decently with a tinge of suspense. Six by Six cell space (jail) in which protagonist spends a few days seems to generate a lot of interest. But things goes completely haywire, largely due to the style in which the story was presented by the author.

The protagonist Neil is happily married to Gauri and are madly in love with each other. They have their share of arguments but love between them never allow to overpower ego. But a story cannot be without it’s share of twist and turn. So a series of misunderstanding and mishappening brings their fairy world down and things becomes worse. 

There is a lot of drama in the book sometimes going over the top. Sometimes it felt like scenes were picked directly from the masala movies. Honestly these days I strongly believe movies inspires book instead of other way round. There is so much cinematic effects in the novels these days.

The narrative is written in the first language. But the book’s  protagonist seems to be omnipresent. He knows what is going in the head of other characters, what is happening in places he is not even present, what other characters are doing. This is the serious flaw of the narration which becomes an eye sore throughout the book. Instead of writing in the first language writer could have written the book simply in third language. 

Also initially protagonist narrates his story to his boss Ganga which include bedroom intimate scenes as well. May be it seems cool idea to author that a junior is narrating his bedroom fun time to his boss but it just doesn’t fit in my logic at all. It’s completely irrational thing to do. Com’on author just desperately wanted to fit in some steamy bedroom in the story anyhow either this way or that way.

The Verdict:

It’s a no brainer, quick and easy to complete and a timepass read. If you are a serious reader don’t bother to read it.

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