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They are known as Jai and Veeru of politics. They are Narendra Modi and Amit Shah. While Modi is just like our Veeru of Sholay. Jai here is Amit Shah who likes to work in background, silently not flamboyant . But no one can undermine his great strategist mind. He is rightly called right hand of Modi.

While we all have read and watched many books and documentaries on Modi but little is known about Amit Shah publicly. Despite remain hidden behind the curtains for a long time, Amit Shah came into limelight after the Lok Sabha election 2014 results of UP where BJP won 71 seats out of 80. And full credit was given to the meticulous planning and execution of Amit Shah and his team.

After reading so much about Narendra Modi, it’s time to read something about Modi’s close confidant. Poornima Joshi is coming up with the biography on Amit Shah named Modi’s Man: The Rise and Rise of Amit Shah. The book is expected to release in 2015 but not much information is available at the moment. Will update soon but it is definitely a book to watch out for.


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