mrs funnybones by twinkle khanna

I have always admired Twinkle Khanna not as an actor but for a clever person she is. After few films she was quick to realize that acting is not her cup of tea. She switched to what she has knack for as an interior designer and as an entrepreneur. She is a columnist and I was not much surprised when I came to know about her book Mrs Funnybones. But I only became keen to read this book after some very good mouth to mouth review of the book.

While reading Mrs Funnybones one expression never left my face was the smile. Sometimes small smile sometime big, grining from ear to ear, laughing out loud. More or less the curve was always on my face and never left the corners of my mouth. Forcing people around me to think that I have gone crazy.

Mrs Funnybones is a perfect book to read when you are feeling sad, low, upset with in-laws, kids are testing your patience or when life is going haywire. The book will lift your spirits and help you to see the funny side of each situations which otherwise leaves you irritated. In fact in the disguise of humor the book gives one big message to see the funny side of all the frustrating circumstances and life will be a little easy to live.

One is bound to love the writing style of Twinkle Khanna. She has the natural flair to present pressing and crucial matters in the most light-hearted manner wrapped up in humor. She jokes on mummyjis, weight, menturation and Karva Chauth etc but they will not hurt the sentiments. Her writing is effortless like a river free flowing and easy-going yet manage to hit the right note each time.

The satires in the book were all real life based and one could easily feel connected to it. Not once, while reading, I felt that I’m reading about the daily routine of an actress. She is just like any ordinary woman of an Indian household and her situations are not different, say, from mine or any other woman. The tagline of the book She’s Just Like You And A Lot Like Me is so true.

The author has a no-nonsense approach towards life. Her observation is practical and logical. If any rituals or thinking is no more valid or illogical in today’s time she did not hesitate to tear it apart in her writing. But everything was done in a good humor. She tried to maintain balance. Like she ridiculed observing Karva Chauth in the most hilarious manner, secretly even I think in the same way but never dared to voiced it, yet she fast for her elders and thus maintaining a decorum.

I specially loved her thoughts on forwarded messages on What App. They really sucks and Twinkle took no mercy in openly lambasting the one who do nothing but keep forwarding the messages. I plan to follow her idea to get rid of long messages on What App. It is hilarious no doubt but will be effective. One’s attitude towards life should be just like Mrs Funnybones. Not to hesitate to speak from mind yet keeping things light and witty in lieu of not hurting others.

The Verdict: How much I write about the book is less. It is the most funny book I have read in the recent time. A must read.


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