Name Place Animal Thing by Lux Narayan Review

You must have played the game Name, Place, Animal, Thing in your childhood. A simple game where all the participants need to jot down words for each category on a given letter. 

I remember playing it with my cousins every time we met during our summer vacations. Even our parents encouraged us to play more of it. Now I can understand the reason behind it. This game was a fun way to get acquainted with more new words and learn spellings. 

From this simple game, the author Lux Narayan has designed a marvelous action plan to keep the mind and body active and finding new meaning in life. The theme of the book Name Place Animal Thing draws from the game, and each word denotes the area of action. It sounded weird at first how everything would relate. But the author Lux Narayan pulls it off without sounding complex. 

name place animal thing

Name denotes taking up different roles to serve society, to bring joy in others life, to give. Place suggests to not only visit different places and shoot pics, but actually learn about the culture, language, habits, etc. of that place. Animals stand for working on your body, brain and breath. Things are to pick up a hobby or interest.

You must have read most of the things included in the books somewhere or other if you are regular in reading such books. The author has shown how to convert those learnings into action. He used innovative techniques like graphs, metaphors, and analogies to convey his points, to make them crystal clear. In other words, to propel you to take some action.

I loved a few points stated in the book. For instance, whenever asked about ourselves, we start with our professions, whereas the author argues that why not look beyond our means of earning. Why not talk about the vocations, passions, and mission of your life. Aren’t these driving forces of our life. Interesting thought. 

Other points like the importance of going slow in life, learning the art of slowing down, keeping a balance between fast pace and slowing down, simplified Ikigai petals were also worth dwelling on. All these need a little more research and a deep understanding to implement.

I have already developed a habit of picking up a new interest every year. Name, Place, Animal, Thing (NPAT) has provided me with an action plan to take things further. It is a good read with insightful and actionable information. The best part is you can customize your own NPAT.

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