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The author of 1000 Kilograms of Goa is back with yet another romantic novel Oh My Goddess with a tinge of humor and thrill in it. The blurb and the jacket suggest it to be a regular romantic novel, something Romeo Juliet type where hero tries every trick in his book to woo the heroine. For once I felt it would be like the movie Partner where Govinda tries to attract Katrina. But there is more into the story then what it appears.  

The book has two stories running in parallel. One is about two boys in Mumbai trying to make a career out of You Tuber. They shoot prank videos and upload them. But nothing is working out and they are trying desperately to make a mark.

The second story is about intelligent but middle class Naveen who owes his  scholarship favors to a local goon who is now pressing to return the favor. Naveen is also in love with Jessica, daughter of his Employer. 

The blurb at the back of the book reveals the storyline but saves few surprising twist for the end which will sure to give reeling sensation to the readers as it was not the kind of ending readers would be expecting. Yet it leaves behind a bleak and unsatisfying feeling when the end finally sinks in.

The book starts with bang on a hilarious note where prankster duo Kalpesh and Jackie are seen cracking pranks in airport. It was confusing to read at the beginning but it was fun to read once the pranks started making sense. Sadly there were not many such prank moments in the story. 

At the beginning both the story were given equal weightage. It is only in the middle it dawn on that Kalpesh and Jackie’s story is just a subplot which has no real link to the main story of Naveen yet they are the one who will break all hell loose on the latter. 

The entire story flows seamlessly. It is a well laid and well written book, fast paced and engaging. The author drops few hints here and there about the unexpected climax but it was difficult to join all the dots. Hence the climax proved to be stunning and unexpected. Though personally I didn’t like it so much. Yet can’t deny credit to the author to write unexpected end which will leave readers flabbergasted for sure.

The Verdict:

It is good one time read. Humor and suspense in the story will keep the readers entertained and hooked to the book. 

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