On a Prayer by Yash Birla


On a Prayer by Yash Birla will be releasing on 26th February, 2014. It is a of Autobiography of Yashovardhan better known as Yash Birla, chairman of the Yash Birla Group.

Son of Ashok Birla and Sunanda Birla, Yash is the fourth generation of Birla group like KumarMangalam Birla.

It is a story of the life of 22 year old Yash who lost both his parents and sister in a plane accident. His whole world comes to standstill.

Yash is a very dashing looking man with the bottle blonde hair style but there is a heart bleeding inside mourning the death of his loved ones.

Yash explains most vividly this heartbreaking tragedy of his life. Tears were filling my eyes while I was reading it. Anyone could feel the trauma which Yash was going through when he was given tragic news of the accident.

In the book, Yash also talks about the some significant incidents of his life at different age left which left quite an impact on him. He was very truthful in recalling those incidents.

Chunk part of the book deals with the life after the funeral of his family. The way he overcomes his grief. His passion for health and body build up, tilt towards spiritualism, support of wife and business he inherited kept him sane and alive to move on in life.

Verdict: On a Prayer is a beautifully and very vividly written autobiography. Do carry the box of tissue paper with yourself when reading.

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Ritu Mantri

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