One hundred names by cecelia ahern

“Everyone has a story to tell”. Well I am not referring to Savi Sharma’s debut novel Everyone Has A Story but to the book One Hundred Names by Cecelia Ahern. Both the books were written on a similar theme but I found latter to be much more better than the former. Revealing too many details about the theme will take away the charm of discovering it while reading.

One Hundred Names is about an ambitious journalist Kitty Logan who commits a fatal professional blunder which jeopardise both her personal and professional life. Her friend and mentor Constance shows faith in her when all her self-confidence was shattered. She hand over her a pet project one hundred names but dies before explaining the idea. Now it is on Kitty to discover the thinking behind the Idea and also to handle the lows in her life.

We all are human beings and vulnerable to committing mistakes. Some perishes with those mistakes and many fights shame and guilt to bounce back in life. Kitty faces all the abuse inflicted on her to shine once again. Really in real life as well one needs a lot of character to brave the lows in life in order to rise again.

Kitty Logan’s character is very inspiring and so are the other six characters whom Kitty pursue for the story. They were among the few mentioned in the list of Constance. Each one of them were ordinary yet special in their own way whom we can relate to the people in our own real life.

The story is both character driven and plot driven which is rare among the authors to pull it off with much elance and ease. All the primary character along with the protagonist evolves with the progress of the story. Initially it seems that all the characters were on a goose chase but things started to fall in place by the climax with a very heart warming end. There is a lot of action and excitement in the plot.

Names on the list given by Constance were randomly selected by her but there is link among all of them. What is that link? It’s a suspense which will keep you engrossed into the story and also how Kitty will come out of the debacle will become a cause of concern for the readers to remain hooked to the book. Adorable characters and some fun episodes in the story lighten up the read from time to time.

The Verdict:
After completing the novel I did feel that everyone does have a story; everybody has something to say no matter how ordinary that person may be or seem to be. I started wondering about my own story.

It’s a lovely book beautiful woven story and if someone is looking for a book similar to Everyone Has A Story by Savi Sharma then this could be a must read.¬†

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