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flawed 2 by cecelia ahern

I must admit one thing before beginning to express my thoughts about the book Perfect by Cecelia Ahern, that I am not into reading Dystopian Fiction genre. Somehow I find this genre to be regressive and repressive and a little too violent. I picked up this book only because it is written by Cecelia Ahern.

Flawed (2)

Perfect is the second book in the duology series of Flawed. Well, I have not read Flawed and I have no desire for so, as after reading Perfect, I have a fair bit of idea what had happened in Flawed. So in a way Perfect is a complete book in itself and you won’t miss anything if you choose not to read the first part.

Basic Theme of the Series

Flawed series is about a country who want its citizens to be morally perfect which means no to arrogance, greed, impatience, stubbornness, martyrdom, self-deprecation and self-destruction. People who are found
morally guilty are branded as Flawed. And it’s painful. Flawed are considered to be second class citizens.

But there is a thin line difference between greed and desire, between impatient and daring, between stubbornness and determination, between martyrdom and selflessness, between self-deprecation and humility, between self-destruction and protection. And when the judge fails to distinguish between them it is then the degradation of society and mayhem begins.

Powerful Message

The book gives a perfect message that committing mistakes are part of human nature. The human being should learn from mistakes and move on. Instead of punishing for mistakes, correcting them is a better

perfect by cecelia ahern


The characterization of each one is superb. I don’t know how the protagonist or other characters behaved in the first part, but in this book, they were all fighters, fighting for justice.

The protagonist Celestine endured a lot and emerged as a leader who infuses hope in people. She was well supported by family and friends.

Good Plot

The plot was very good and well thought out. Cat & mouse chase and hide & seek game between Celestine and the Guild was really heart racing to read. Also the trust factor was missing among the characters so I have been always suspicious about each character. The end is fairly predictable, but a lot of things transpires which will keep you glued.

Her Writing

The narrative was fast paced and Cecelia’s writing was top notch. She has terrific skills to express complicated things and situations in simple language. This made reading a breeze affair. You can finish it
off in a day or two.

The Verdict

It is a perfect book to read when you are in an imperfect mood and feeling low and looking for some kickass spirit in order to fightback.

It is not an inspirational fiction but sometimes books like these also lift up the mood.

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