The perks of being a wallflower

“The movie itself was very interesting, but I didn’t think it was very good because I didn’t really feel different when it was over” says the lead character Charlie of the book, The Perks of Being a Wallflower written by Stephen Chbosky, after watching a movie. I personally think this sentence is so true. We specially remember movies, books, incidents, people and similar stuff because they made us feel differently.

The Perks Of Being A Wallpaper is a touchy story of a teenage boy Charlie who is on the threshold of adolescence. He is an extremely introvert boy who is suffering silently from the demons of his past. He loves his family but find some solace in his new friends Patrick and Sam. Charlie is in love with Sam but both decides to remains good friends as Sam doesn’t have similar feelings for former. But both cares a lot about each other. 

The author has adopted a unique narrative style to bring out the story of extremely introvert Charlie. The whole book is written in the letter format where Charlie vents out his feelings about the things happening around him, about his family, his love for her Aunt Helen, unconditional love for Sam, his confusions, about his friends, and in undertone about his mysterious mental problem as well.

All the letters were written by Charlie to an unknown person whose identity was not revealed and it doesn’t matter as well. What really matters is the honesty and innocence with which all the letters were written. It will leave a profound effect on the reader’s psyche and people will instantly connect with the character of Charlie.

Something which left me stunned and disturbed for hours after finishing the book was the truth and real reason behind the Charlie’s sickness. It was completely unexpected and it took hours to sink in. I reread the end of the book thrice to know that I am reading it correctly it was so unbelievable for me.

The author Stephen Chbosky has raised an important issue of child abuse both physical and sexual which scars the entire personality of the human being. There are two characters in the book who were abused severely during their childhood days. One choose not to become like his abuser when grown up while other becomes exactly like her abuser. The book gives a lot to think about.

The book starts with the snail pace. It creeps and creeps slowly. I was not able to understand why Charlie is writing letter to this unknown person and what he is up to. But as the story begins to unfold, the character of Charlie becomes more clearer, I started becoming more and more engrossed into the book. Few things Charlie writes very clearly in the letter and other things he just left on the readers to imagine it.

All the characters of the book are relatable and humanly. They all come with their own flaws. The friendship between Sam, Patrick and Charlie was absolutely adorable. Everyone wants to have friends like Sam and Patrick. The book also explores on relationship, friendship, break-ups and other human binding emotions all from the point of view of a young innocent eyes.

The Verdict:

The Perks of being a Wallflower is a heartwarming novel beautifully written and weaved. The novel ends with a meaningful message. And by the end of the novel I did feel differently so I think I loved it.

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