pregnancy by nutan panditWhen a woman is expecting she will be loaded with advices from all the corners plus internet is also full of infinite information about pregnancy. But sometimes reading too much is also harmful as it is difficult to filter correct information from incorrect also pregnancy is always different from one woman to another. As a consequence reading only limited and good books on pregnancy is a key to avoid any kind of unnecessary fear and anxiety. Among the few books which I read during my expecting periods, I liked  PREGNANCY: What The Indian Woman Always Wanted To Know But Was Afraid To Ask by Nutan Pandit the most.

PREGNANCY by Nutan Pandit was my continuous guide throughout my pregnancy and afterwards. It is especially written for Indian mothers-to-be. It starts with clearing all sorts of myths related to pregnancy and then bursting the balloon of fear from which every woman gets affected. Fear related to the labour pain brings complication during delivery which leads to cesarean. 

The book is comprehensive and complete guide about pregnancy right from the beginning when a woman comes to know about it till the childbirth and beyond. Experience during pregnancy could be different for every woman but still the author has tried to cover many topic like  diet, exercise, breathing patterns, weight gain, labour positions, old times’ remedies and postnatal care of both, the mother, and the baby.

The chapters on fear, diet, breathing pattern, breastfeeding were very good and informative. But I think exercise part could have been better. But then it was written just to give some ideas otherwise it is always better to attend special pregnancy classes held by experts like the author himself.

The author is a Child Birth Therapist and conducts childbirth classes for expectant couples in New Delhi.

The book is very well written but inclusion of some vivid pictures for each of the topic could have made the book more interesting. If this short coming could be kept aside it is a sheer well informative book written by an Indian author with Indian perspective.

The book is updated on a regular basis and is available  in other language like Hindi and Gujarati.

The Verdict: It is a book which should be read throughout your pregnancy and could also be passed to others as well.




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