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One political personality of India about whom everyone wants to read these days is Sonia Gandhi. In fact, her name is being used by the marketing strategist to publicizing the books which become a bestseller in no time. One Life Is Not Enough by Natwar Singh is the recent example. So all those who are having appetite to read more about Sonia Gandhi, there is a good news for them. Her banned unauthorized biography The Red Sari by Javier Moro is all set to be published and release in India.

The book, written by the Spanish author Javier Moro, was waiting to see the light of the day from last seven years. But with Congress in power from last 10 years, they never allowed the book to be published. Congress argument was that the book is unauthentic depict of Sonia Gandhi and no one from Gandhi family or Sonia Gandhi were interviewed before writing of the book.

But according to the author the book is not a biography but a fictional work based on real incidents. Moro visited various places and based his work on research, but the dialogues are the author’s interpretations. Considering real situations, he makes up how the conversation would have happened during that time. Research of The Red Sari was done by Moro after interacting with secondary sources, as primary sources were not accessible.

Writing about real incidents in fictional style is the most challenging task for any author. Dramatizing everything in the most convincing manner drains the author but if not done properly takes away the charm of the book as the reader is aware of the read events. So The Red Sari will be evaluated on the literary basis as well.

The book is also said to have something about Maneka Gandhi as well. Well the book further taints the image of Congress and Sonia Gandhi or not will be known after assessing the impact of book on the reader’s mind but at present I’m curious to know one thing why the title The Red Sari.

Off I go to read the book. Will post the review of The Red Sari by Javier Moro soon.

The book was previously being published in Spanish and Italian.

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