reignited by APJ Abdul Kalam

During my school days when any science student was asked about future higher studies, only two fields used to come to their mind: Engineering and Doctor. But now horizon for the science students has expanded massively and there are loads of career options available which they can choose according to their interest. APJ Abdul Kalam along with Srijan Pal Singh has chalked down some of these fields for the science students in his recently released book Reignited: Scientific Pathways To A Bright Future.

Former president of India has discussed many career option in the book like Robotics, Aeronautics, Pathologist, Space Scientist, Neuroscientist, Material Scientist and Palaeontologist. Details are given about each and every field. How it evolved, future prospects in the field, along with the conversation with a teacher and expert of that particular field in question and answer format which to some extent satisfy the queries and gives a overall picture. Both the expert and teacher are Indian in each case.

Basically this book is written specially for those who want to look beyond the regular career options available in engineering and doctor field and want to do something more challenging and abstract. There is also a note for parents at the end of each chapter as they will be most concern about the future of their child. It is a smart thing to do as parents might be anxious about what kind of field their children are choosing as they are less heard of.

Another unique thing about the book is that it is not a plain boring book explaining different fields which could become your career options. Illustration and graphics are also added in each chapter wherever possible to make things more clearer and understandable.

The Verdict: The book is highly recommended for young science students and science enthusiasts as it explores various the realm of science and technology. The book has plethora of information for someone like me as well who has well past the career selecting age.


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