TheBookWorld is currently open to receiving review copies of books from publishers as well as self published authors. I review a wide genre of books except erotica.

My reviews are honest and I try my best to be constructive in my criticism. In exchange of a review I would like to request the author or publisher to giveaway their books on my site. The number of books to be given away can be decided by the author. It is the responsibility of the author to mail hard copies to the winners.

Please feel free to contact at  to discuss your book.

Right now I am accepting books in hard copies only.

At present I am inundated with books to review so will be able to review your book four months from the receiving date (I keep updating the time period according to the number of books).  You can always opt for express review. Shoot a mail for express review.

Express review will be published within one week (highly recommended for the newly release book) from the receivable of the book on the blog along with the mini reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. Promotion on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram along with the creative images of your book with the best lines/quotes from your book.