Ryan Higa's How to Write Good by Ryan Higa

After Lilly Singh, another You Tube sensation Ryan Higa is all set to become a writer with the book How To Write Good. While Lilly Singh wrote a self help and development book How To Be A Bawse, Ryan Higa is writing a memoir. It is described as an unconventional, irreverent, yet heartfelt memoir with lots of pictures and illustrations.


I know you’re used to seeing me on the Internet, but here I am, coming at you in book form. You might be asking yourself, A book? You? Why?

Listen, I’m as surprised about it as you are. But I have a story to tell that I believe will help inspire people who are going through tough times. And I couldn’t be the only YouTuber without a book, could I?

This is the story of how I went from being a relatively happy kids to being depressed and angry and filled with dark thoughts. This is also the story of how I found my way to a happier life.

But wait, there’s more! You’re not only getting my story but you’ll also learn to write well, from a college dropout who struggled in basic-level English classes and still became a legit, Best Sailing Author. (That wasn’t a typo. I plan to buy a boat one day…but probably not anytime soon. This book might not cell good.)

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Ritu Mantri

Ritu Mantri

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Ritu Mantri
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