The serpent's revenge by sudha murthy

The Serpent’s Revenge by Sudha Murthy is the collection of selected few Mahabharata tales put together in the order.  All the tales included in the book are timeless, unusual but not unheard. They are all seen, heard and read.

The one who are well versed with the stories of Mahabharata will have nothing new to read in the book. May be if the author has added her own reflection and analysis with each story it would have added some value to the book .

All the stories were the mere narration. At the best they will refresh your memory about the tales. I almost forgot the 11 names of Arjuna but there is a chapter in the book on Arjuna’s various names, their meaning and how he was conferred with those names. Also a tale of The Golden Mongoose was enlightening to read. 

May be there is nothing new to read in this book but it is definitely a great well written book with illustration to read out to your little budding readers at home. Yes it is a perfect book to introduce Mahabharata to the young readers making them acquainted with the epic. No doubt children were in the mind of Sudha Murthy while writing the book as she has kept the language simple and easy to understand.

The Verdict:

I have already added this book in my list of to-be read for my little son. 

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