Quentin Blake’s ABC by Quentin Blake


ABC by Sir Quentin Blake which was first published in 1989 has been re-published again this time vibrant with colors. Now learning alphabets will be more hilarious and fun filled with Sir Quentin Blake’s ABC.

Sir Blake has introduced each letter with a beautiful illustration with a simple rhyming text. This helps children to associate their surrounding with the alphabets. Each rhyme has a piece of information. So it must be a crazy fun ride with alphabets but kids will also learn much more then just letters.

For example:
A is for Apples, some green and some red
So apart from learning “A for Apple” kids will also come to know that apple comes in two colors green and red.

abc learningThe brilliant illustration synchronizes with the rhymes very well. Each of them tells a story of their own. Children can easily build a memory for letters when they have things to associate with.

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Ritu Mantri

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