‘Autobiographies are boring’ my childhood chum always used to say. Anyhow I never find them boring. It is always interesting to read about other people’s life. I hold this opinion till I read Six Machine by Chris Gayle.

I always remember Chris Gayle as a hard hitter if caught early means that half of the match has been won. Yet I never quite understood why he calls himself a six machine. There are many hitters like him or better who could clear the boundaries again and again.

Six Machine by Chris GayleFor me Six Machine was a perfect sleeping pill. I used to read four to five pages and used to sleep like a log throughout the day and night. It was so boring. After reading ¬†two chapters I just decided, for a change, I’m not interested to know about Chris Gayle’s life.

I didn’t complete the autobiography. I left it in the mid way. Too much of I. May be the aftereffect of Chris Gayle’s autobiography. It is full of I. He seems to be obsesses with the letter “I”.

The book is written in utmost casual spoken English which gives reading such a bad taste. Well if Chris Gayle talks in this way in cricket match presentation it is okay. But if he writes in the same way then it becomes a head ache to reach the last page of the book.

Sorry to all Chris Gayle die-hard fans. But I like his sixes very much but I don’t love this book of his. Please don’t take it personally. I even didn’t like Sachin Tendulkar’s autobiography though I’m his huge fan.


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Ritu Mantri

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