spiritual pregnancy by gopika kapoor

Pregnancy unable me to continue reading fiction. Ups and downs, suspense and thriller, tragedy and excitement which are part of fictions used to create a lot of anxiety. I find it very difficult to read fiction any more. Instead I stick to non-fiction mainly pregnancy books and spiritual books. Such books left a soothing affect something which we as a women need during our expectant period.

Among many books which I read during these nine months, I fondly remember reading Spiritual Pregnancy by Gopika Kapoor. Gopika is already famous for her bestseller Spiritual Parenting. Well Spiritual Pregnancy might not be that good as Spiritual Parenting but still it was worth a read.

In Spiritual Pregnancy, the author shares her journey and experience towards motherhood. She was heavily pregnant with twins and faced most of the pregnancy symptoms. Despite of it, she find solace and felt blessed which became possible through spiritual devotion. She also writes about how to handle dilemmas that women are faced with when they are pregnant and how they can be good parents. Also about hormones, pesky relatives and your sex lives. She went on to give a spiritual explanation for the morning sickness which she has read somewhere.

Though pregnancy and its symptoms are different for every woman but it is always nice to read or listen to someone else story about this roller coaster ride. I’m myself feeling a little inspired to write my own incredible journey to motherhood. After all it is an ultimate experience which a woman has entitle to and a gift of nature.

The Verdict: Light-hearted book that could be read during pregnancy with some very good advice which one can use during their own time.

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