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The big switch review

The Big Switch by John Thomas is the first book I have read on my brand new Kindle Paperwhite. I read the entire book without holding it once. The joy of reading on Kindle enhanced two fold because the book itself was awesome.


Simple Words Conveys Powerful Message

“सादगी में ही खूबसूरती है “, remember this dialogue from the movie Kaho Na Pyar Hai. It is so true for this book as well.

The book has been written in the simplest manner with no flamboyance of heavy words like Shashi Tharoor or lyrical description like Arundhati Roy. Yet it touched my heart to the core. And I can’t stop thinking about the story or its adorable characters.

With simplicity at heart, the author conveys a very powerful message to his readers. A message to follow your heart and the entire universe will conspire to fulfil your dream. This is the essence of the story. Even I seriously believe one of the causes of people’s constant frustration is that they are more worried what others will say if they don’t go according to established norms of the society and refuse to listen to their own inner voice which is asking for something else.

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Through this story, the author shows that difficulties are bound to come when you trek on an unknown path, but who knows the untold opportunities are waiting at the end of the dark tunnel which will lead you to your dream life.



Ok, let me tell you something about the story. It is about Keith, who started his career as a software engineer with lot of enthusiasm and energy which slowly started seeping out as job dissatisfaction takes over. He realizes his calling and passion for Football and strive hard to carve a career out of it. Will be realizes his dream of playing football at the professional level forms the rest of the story.

The author has beautifully captured the restlessness of Keith due to the job dissatisfaction, his inner turmoil to follow his dream, his energy to overcome difficulties, his childlike enthusiasm to learn new skills, his frustration when things were going wrong. His trudge to realize his dream was full of full of ups and downs which will keep readers glued to the book.



The best part of the story is its relatability. I think it could be your story or the story of your near or dear ones who followed their gut feeling. They might have succeeded or failed is a different story. In fact, many names are coming to my mind like AR Rehman, Sachin Tendulkar, John Abraham, Anil Kumble, Chetan Bhagat, Twinkle Khanna etc. who realized their calling and give their dreams a chance to bloom.

Inspiring book


Regarding other characters in the book, Ramesh, who is the inspiration of Keith seems to be inspired from Subroto Bagchi, the founder of MindTree. I read his autobiography Go Kiss The World and I found Ramesh character to be very similar to that Subroto Bagchi. Maybe it is just a coincidence.

Conversation between Keith and Ramesh were always inspiring and lively. At one place Ramesh says that if you ask negative question to your mind then you will get negative and disheartening answers. Whereas if you ask positive questions, your mind will always give positive answers. So true.

Two other characters, Kyra, Keith’s girlfriend and Brijesh, Keith’s roommate are also adorable and I honestly feel it will be a wish of every person to have people like Kyra and Brijesh in one’s life.


No To Alcohol

I was elated when I read the following sentences in the book, “He never understood why people liked alcohol so much. He pitied the fact that getting high had became the only way people knew to celebrate”. I was so glad that at least there is one author in the crowd who does not promote alcohol.”

I also loved the observation of the author about the sports Cricket and Football. While cricket is the games played in turns, in Football you have to win the ball first in order to play with it. Great observation.

The Verdict

I think I can write endlessly about this book, but I will wrap up the review saying that it is a very good way to write inspiring and motivating story.

The story is heart-warming, inspiring  and a must read.

There are two glaring typo mistakes which the author should correct immediately.

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