the devils gate by deepak kripal

I have watched many animated movies where animals are personates as human beings. But it is first time I got a chance to read a fiction where animals are persona as humans in the book The Devil’s Gate by Deepak Kripal. It is the debut novel of the author and was an absolute delight to read the book.

The book is about the inhumane nature of human being who for their self vested interest are fast destroying forest and making animals homeless which is leading to their extinct. In such a scenario two animals Katy(cat) and Dug (dog) undertakes an impossible journey to find an invisible land where animals can live peacefully without the fear of human beings.

The plot of the book is very unique and full of adventures just like Hero of Olympus series by Rick Riordan where there is not a single dull moment in the story. Similarly The Devil’s Gate has one mystery after another which will keep the readers fully engrossed in the book. It is difficult to guess what will be coming next. 

This difficult journey of Katy and Dug is joined by Billy(an Owl), Cheeku (a mute demon) and a Rees (a dead rat) who keep falling in precariously life threatening dangers where it seems death is inevitable. How they all, each time, miraculously escapes death will lead to rush of adrenaline in the reader’s body for there is so much thrill.

Deepak is the first time author but his writing is superb. He seems to be inspired by the book The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. The book is full of idioms and phrases of wisdom and touch of humor which makes it an interesting read. There are so many abrupt twist and turns in the climax that its was difficult to predict what is in the store.

Few things which were not clear like the concept of The Devil’s gate and how to open it. The author could have simplified it a bit more. I read the entire thing twice still was not able to understand how exactly Katy and group will open the door.  Barring this one, the every question has been fully explained backed with logic.

The author seems to love mystery. We have enough of mysteries throughout the book to tackle, that he left one impending mystery at the end page of the book giving a hint that there are more mysteries to come in the upcoming books.  So I guess the adventure of Katy and Dug, hopefully Billy as well, will continue.

The Verdict

I am refraining myself about writing more about the book because lesser you know about the plot, the more you will enjoy reading it. I will highly recommend the book if you are looking forward to read some adventurous book.  The plot of the books, various characters which comes in the course, dangers which they face, twist were all out of the box. The Devil’s Gate gives a welcome break from the regular love stories and romantic novels.


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Ritu Mantri

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