The Elephant Catchers by Subroto Bagchi


Subroto Bagchi as the Gardener of MindTree is nourishing Top 100 Minds of his company as the future leader but through his various business books he is nourishing millions of young minds who are at the threshold of starting their career. The Elephant Catchers is the latest offering to young entrepreneurs who are finding difficult in scaling their business to the new heights after the successful establishment.

The title of the book The Elephant Catcher itself has a very deeper meaning. Subroto explains that here by Elephant he means big business deals/customers/contracts. Just as to catch an elephant requires a lot of meticulous planning and expertise similarly for grabbing those big business deals which will take your company to a new levels requires talents to groom.

the elephant catcher reviewSubroto writes, “People who catch rabbits seldom have the knowledge and expertise to catch an elephant. It is the same with an organization that has reached a turning point and is on the verge of scaling. The initial days of heady enthusiasm will not cut it anymore. To achieve the larger dream, an expanded mode of functioning—to achieve scale—they must turn to expertise in every area of their functioning.Through his book The Elephant Catchers, Subroto is helping young people to become elephant catchers which is essential for scaling the business.

The book is divided into six part each dealing with the various aspects of scaling. In the first part author gives a detail insight of the idea of scaling of the business.
Once the idea of scaled is defined now it is time to achieve it. Part 2 deals with various ways through which business could be scaled, possible stumble blocks in doing so, and how to overcome them. In Part 3, author emphasizes the need to scale yourself as an entrepreneur, leader and intellectual which is vital for taking the company to the next level. Part IV deals with the idea of scaling reputation and good public relation of the organization in the market. In part V, we focus on scaling your people because the modern enterprise is all about people. Part VI deals with the aspect of scaling adversity.

Subroto explains all these things through simple example which are based on the real life experience oh his own and other organizations and people he admires. He does not hesitate the mistakes he and his company committed and how they overcome it.

Verdict: The book is easy to read and enjoyable. The language is very simple yet the stories in the book will keep you hooked and completely submersed. You will never know how the time will fly with this book. The more you read, the better you understand. Each time you will learn something new. A big thumps up and a must read.,

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