The Gods of Guilt by Micheal Connelly


It took me just one and half day to read Michael Connelly newly release book The Gods of Guilt. It is the sixth book in The Lincoln Lawyer series. There was so much awe of “what will happen next” that I have to literally tear myself away from the book to meet the human essential needs.

The pattern in which The Gods of Guilt written is similar to The Lincoln Lawyer. Mickey Haller is handling many cases with one case in focus.

So the main case in The Gods of Guilt has been picked from the previous book The Lincoln Lawyer and the author converts that minor case into a full fledged story of The God of Guilt. Since I have read The Lincoln Lawyer that’s why I know it.

Initially the story was very confusing because there were two cases running parallel. I was not able to understand what is exactly happening. But when a relation was establish between the two cases all the confusion was ironed out. The story takes on from there and it becomes difficult to stop reading it.

There are more courtroom scenes in the book which are full of ups and down and a complete thrill to read. In fact second half was entirely courtroom trials.

When reading the book this was clear that two different cases are interconnected but how will Mickey will prove that in court was something which I was looking forward to. The author has done a commendable job. This is the one reason why the book became Amazon Editor’s pick for the December month, 2013.

Verdict: It is a must read if you like thriller and specially courtroom thrills. Even if you have no such inclination it is still an unputdownable book. And congrats to author Michael Connelly for pulling the trail part so well.


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