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I remember once in an interview Shilpa Shetty told that eating Ghee in the right way will never lead to weight gain. And when asked what is the right way to eat it she said that it will be soon revealed in her book The Great Indian Diet which she is co-authoring with nutritionist Luke Countinho. True to her words she briefly explains ghee as a better option than butter and oil and eating in the moderation is the key factor. Voila the secret is out. The book touches upon various food categories and tells you how to take care of your nutritional intake

Well in general people tends to avoid ghee and drink milk religiously. But Shilpa and her co-author Luke Countinho think otherwise. According to them vice versa is more beneficial for my body. That means avoid drinking cow milk and include ghee in your diet. Avoiding cow milk is some what tough. Now the alternate which she suggests is Almond Milk. Here I want to suggest something to celebrities like Shilpa Shetty that best quality Almonds are sold at Rs 1000/kg or more then Almond milk will be even more expensive. How can a common man even think of it. She should have given more practical suggestion on this.

The tagline of the book is busting the big fat myth. How many myths she and Luke has busted will depend on the reader’s awareness about the food. For me there weren’t many except about milk, ghee and red chilly powder. Surprisingly for me she advocates to include red chillies in the food. Apart from this I didn’t find anything new in the book which I have not read previously or following myself.

There is actually no need to read this book. One can know everything written in the book just by spending some time with our parents and grandparents. In fact the writers themselves wrote ‘there is nothing new in the book’ but at the end. This book, may be, written for those ignorant Indians who have no root to our Indian soil. The Great Indian Diet is making Indian aware about their own food. India is a country where people eat at least twice homemade meals if not more. May be one can read this book to brush up their memory.

Since the authors themselves know what they are writing is familiar to many, they have tried to revert the focus on two big issues that is Obesity and Cancer. Throughout the book they tried to explain how our Indian food is capable for fighting cancer and excesses weight. Were they successful in doing so. Shilpa has incorporated the story of her sister-in-law and father-in-law along with her own journey of weight loss to inspire readers. But sadly I don’t find them motivating at all. May be the way it is written. Otherwise Shilpa Shetty’s picture is enough to motivate.

The book has too much of lectures and build up before coming to the main points thus interest starts to ebbs out by the time some informational information comes our way. Also the book is not properly organized. The pictures comes much before their mention. List comes before declaring. Proofreading has not been done. The book has many spelling and grammatical mistakes. Also some part of the book is written by Shilpa, may be, and other by Luke both doesn’t sync properly. Such shortcoming are not expected from such books which are released with so much fanfare. Bad impression.

The Verdict: While Yoga CD by Shilpa Shetty was pretty successful but the book The Great Indian Diet is not up to the mark.

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