The Heartfulness Way by Kamlesh D. Patel and Joshua Pollock Review

the heartfulness way

I sat on the pebbles and stones near the flowing Ganga river in Rishikesh with the book The Heartfulness Way in my lap. My heart and mind got effortlessly immersed into the soft and mesmerising babble of the pious Ganga river. There were no running in and out of thoughts in my mind, only peace and tranquility both in my heart and mind. I closed my eyes and started meditating. I was in meditative mode without any exertion or effort just like Daaji mentioned in the book The Heartfulness Way.

Demystify Meditation

The Heartfulness Way is written especially for laymen who are developing spiritual bend, but somehow are overwhelmed by this entire concept of spiritualism and meditation and are confuse where to start. For them everything has been explained in the simplest manner in the form of conversation between Daaji, the master and Joshua, the disciple. Daaji explains meditation in simple words. The work in which your mind and heart are fully immersed without any effort is meditation.

This candid conversation between guru and disciple will clear many doubts regarding meditation, will answer many questions related to meditation, will shatter some myths about meditation and lastly will motivate you enough to at least try once to meditate. Things like right place, right time and right posture to meditate have been discussed which enables a newbie to begin.

I always used to think that the one who meditates automatically becomes a better human being with effective control over emotions. But Daaji clearly says that personal experience rarely translates into personal change.

My Thoughts

The book has been divided into three parts : the first part gives details regarding meditation clearing the concept and breaking many stereotypes related to meditation more of the philosophical part of meditation; the second part is about various tools of heartfulness like meditation, relaxation, cleaning and prayer which are implemented by the seeker with the help of the trainer crucial for Yogic Transmission; and the third part is the role of guru.

But it doesn’t tell you everything like the technique to meditate, how to bring about yogic transmission, cleaning process, removal of samskaric edifice etc. It has clearly stated that all these and other things needs sitting with heartfulness trainer.

The Verdict

So if you are a layman trying to decode mediatation, then this book could be a decent read. The book gives enough information for you to begin meditation in a subtle way.

But if you are looking for mediation techniques, then unfortunately it doesn’t provide one.

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