Diary of Wimpy Kid 9 by Jeff Kinney

Reading Diary of Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney and that to with kids is really a tiring thing to do yet it is fun. It is tiring because the kids have so many questions and their curious faces is something to behold. The experience of reading The Long Haul Book 9 of the series has been quite similar.

Before going into any further details, I’d like to special mention about the top notch graphic illustration in the book 9. The graphics in all other books are very good but this time they were superb. Each graphic was equal to thousand words and were telling a story themselves. Words were merely to support the story. The real hero were the graphics which is so expected as it is a book for kids. One reason I still love to read kid books as they have interesting pictures and illustration which goes missing in the grown up books.

As Greg is growing with each diary, along with the graphics, handwriting has also matured which indicates that soon the author will take up many more interesting topics and situation which kids of Greg age goes through.

In The Long Haul, Greg Heffley and his family set out on an epic road trip. It was his Mom’s idea so that everyone have some fun which further enhances the family bonding. Now a family road trip is supposed to be a lot of fun but how can we as readers have fun if there is no misadventure in the trip. So the entire journey is full adventure which makes the Heffley’s road trip a complete flop. But of course family bonding agenda was met as the family faced all the problems together.

Greg and his family faces many awkward and difficult situation in their entire trip. But there is a twist at the end of the book which was the source of all the miseries of the Heffley family. Well I’m not here to give spoilers. Read your self to find out but I am sure the kids will enjoy it thoroughly.

Last year, 8th book in the series Hard Luck was released which like all other books in the series was a huge hit. 

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Ritu Mantri

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