The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks


For me and the my book world team Nicholas Sparks is the King of Romance. He knows exactly where lies the nerves of love and is always successful in touching them through his novels. His new novel The Longest Ride also manage to create the same magic. Love was in air to its profound while reading the novel.

The Longest Ride is the story of two couples. One is a younger one who has newly found love for one another and other is a the story of a older couple. It is the story of the older couple which keeps you hooked to the book.

The way author told the story of the older couple was unique and overwhelming. It is the story of an old man whose wife passes away nine years ago. He has met with an accident and is on the verge of death as well. But in between his struggle to survive, his fathomless  love for his wife makes him imagine her to be sitting next to him. And there begins the conversation between the two and we as readers comes to know about their love story.

The conversation between the elderly couple is just like between real husband and wife deeply in love with each other and are nostalgia about their past memories both happy and sad. Their love letters were so touching.

The another young couple story was just like the regular love story nothing significant to mention.  But it was also good in patches.

Verdict: The Longest Ride is a good novel to read but nothing like A Walk to Remember. It is by far the best romantic novel I have read till now.

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Ritu Mantri

Ritu is an avid book reader. She also reviews books and have reviewed around 200+ books till date. Her target is to finish 1000 books.