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If someone describes The Paleo Kitchen: Finding Primal Joy by Juli Bauer and George Bryant just a cookbook with loads of recipe then it will be injustice to the book and their authors. When I was glancing through the book, I realize that it was not just a cookbook. It has many tips and tricks about running the kitchen. All these tips we get from our mother or grandmother.

Juli and George has done a marvelous job in compiling all those small suggestions and advices which are very helpful in managing and running kitchen smoothly. It is very helpful for those who are new in the kitchen and has no one near to help them out with nitty gritty stuff related to cooking, storage, cutlery, shopping for kitchen,

There are more then typical Paleo recipes which are gluten & grain-free covers all the courses meals like breakfast, lunch , dinner, in-between meals, soups, porks and beef dishes, chicken and seafood etc. The paleoithic diet has become increasingly popular and in this book you will find how Paleo diet and outside eating can go hand n hand.

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Ritu Mantri

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