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After the Delhi election, everyone where interested to study the rise of AAP but after the Lok Sabha election it was the stunning mandate BJP, took everyone by surprise. All were expecting BJP victory but the party will get such a clear mandate from the people of India was something no one expected.

Kingshuk Nag in his soon to release book The Saffron Tide has done extensive and intensive study  about the rise of BJP party in India. He starts from the very beginning when and how the BJP was evolved. Kingshuk covers it till date when BJP is in the centre under the leadership of Narendra Modi. We can safely say that it is the biography of BJP Party.

Kinshuk Nag shot up in the fame with his biography on Narendra Modi which was released after the Narendra Modi nomination as the PM candidate from the BJP side. His book The Namo Story instantly became a bestseller and has been translated in many languages. 

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