The Story of a Long-Distance Marriage by Siddhesh Inamdar

the story of long distance marriage

There is a famous quote marriages are made in heaven, but its strength and lastingness are tested on Earth. I felt same while reading the novel The Story of Long Distance by Siddhesh Inamdar. I finished the book in one sitting, but its content left me in reflective mode for long after.

Marriages had always been means to tie two people physically, but there are only rare couples who get invested in each other emotionally. As a consequence, a slight ripple, in today’s scenario and marriages starts falling apart.


Before I go any further, first, something about the story. The story is about Rohan who thinks that he had a blissful married life. But it hits rock when his wife Ira moves to New York for higher studies. Does the long distance take toll on their marriage or there is some other reason?

Well, I would recommend you to read it and find out. If married, you will easily recognise with it, as I did. I think, after a certain period of time, when love hormones start ebbing out, we all make the same mistake in our married life, which Rohan and Ira did.

My Takeaways

I have two important takeaways from the story. First, to be “in the moment”. Second, not to hesitate to waste time on so called ‘unproductive activity’ if it escalates ‘intimacy’. I think this applies to every relationship.

Issues In Married Life

Problems which Rohan and Ira faced are so common. Wives bottles up the frustration and for husbands, wives are like air they breathe. The author smartly incorporates these problems in the novel and I was blown away, how beautifully and articulately he addresses these problems through the character Ira.


The author’s narrative style is similar to the different format of cricket. The novel started as a test match, slow and cautious. 2nd part of the novel was like one day matches medium paced flow yet interesting and the third part was T20 and actually the best part when both Rohan and Ira open their heart to wash away all their


If I talk about characters then anyone can identify with the characters of Rohan and Ira. The story is told from Rohan’s point of view. So his mental state at various phases of life, how he responds and reacts to situations had been covered meticulously details. But Ira’s turmoil also finds its outage.

The Verdict

Sometimes books make you understand your own situation, it gives you the answers you have been searching for, books written with a positive mind frame shows the ray of hope. The Story of Long Distance Marriage is one such novel.

There is nothing great about the novel. Still, sometimes even things written in simple language leaves a deep impact. It is a good read.

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