we were liars buyThere is a lot of buzz on Twitter for We Were Liars by
Author: E. Lockhart which made me curious to read the book. The book is said to be full of mysteries which when revealed will blow off the reader’s mind with surprise. So I started reading it expecting to be surprised.

But to my surprise, I read half of the book and I didn’t find a single hint of mystery in the plot. It was a appearing to be a mere story of wealthy The Sinclairs who spends together their summer holidays on an island each year.

It is not until the dreadful summer fifteen comes that I was able to smell something fishy has happened in the plot. Honestly, there was nothing thrilling about the revelation but it is style in which the whole mystery unfolds is marvelous. 

The book has been written in the first person from the point of view of Cadence. Obviously, when our main character Cadence suffers from amnesia due to fateful accident and suffers from memory loss of events right before accident, there was a big puzzle about how the accident took place and mystery behind it. It is from here the story becomes a bit more interesting.  But this means the reader have to be real patient while reading the first half of the book.

Hats off to the author for her style of writing. The mystery behind Cadence accident was nothing short of a jig saw puzzle. It was slowly and steadily each piece of the puzzle was placed to reveal the real picture. It is this style which will engross reader completely into the book and will forget about the tepid first half.

Why Cadence calls her gang Liars is not clear to me. They do lie in the second half but why she calls themselves liars from the very beginning is something I failed to decipher.

The Verdict

The twist will definitely catch you off guard. It is hard to guess what will be coming up next. The style of writing is the USP of the book. The narrative is poetic and snappy.

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Ritu Mantri

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