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Parenthood is a joyous experience in anyone’s life when you see your little one growing. On the other hand at times it is not only tiring and testing but also full of uncertainty. Babies are the most unpredictable being. Coupled with unsolicited advises pouring from every end could leave any parent confuse and in doubts. And my simple funda is when in doubt consult an expert. Now, consultation may not be handy all the time so I choose to read books written by the experts. For this there is no better book then What To Expect The First Year ; second book in the series of What To Expect; First being What To Expect When Expecting.

Like its first book, What To Expect The First Year follows the same format. Pattern in which the baby may grow and different milestone a baby can reach in each month of his or her life. Every detail month by month. There is also question and answer series which covers almost all the concerns which might arise in new parents or seasoned parents mind and satisfying them.

I particularly liked the chapter on New Moms. One can find information related to baby everywhere but few sources could adequately answers issues related to new moms. During lactation period also there are so many changes body go through and above all there is a drastic change in the life of a woman after becoming mother. The new mother has to cope up with everything. Sometimes it feels like life will never be same again. The book answers all the question with the assurance that may be life will not be same again but still there are ways to mold yourself.

If you are planning to exclusively not to breast feed your baby then read this book. The author Heidi Murkoff has given every possible bit of reason to breast feed your child at least for 1 year if not 2 years. She has managed to do it convincingly. There are two big chapters just on breastfeeding and its benefit in a child’s life. Even if mother choose to return to work then also she can breast feed her baby by pumping the milk from manual pump or electric pump at the work place.

The book is full of tips and tricks to make the life of parents a little easy. I particularly liked the tips on bottle feeding correctly, weaning from the bottle or breast, taking care of baby’s teeth and first solid foods to introduce, managing colic babies. But there is nothing on potty training. Hopefully the author will write something about it in the revised edition.

Also there is a lot written about breastfeeding but nothing much in detail about formula feeding and its side effect. Things to keep in mind while bottle feeding the baby and how much to feed your child so that you don’t over feed your child. The author has almost overlooked this part. Hope she will include in next revised edition.

Some colorful illustration and pictures could have been handy. Child books or books on child are incomplete without pictures.

The Verdict: If few of these short coming are overlooked then the book has wealth of information. All in all the book is a great guide and life safer for any new parents. It is highly recommended.

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