What To Expect The Toddler Years

I have read four books in What To Expect series by Heidi Murkoff. They are What to Expect When You’re Expecting, What to Expect the 1st Year, What to Expect Before You’re Expecting and fourth being The Toddler Years. Since my extended family lives far away, which is the case for most of the family, they were my constant partner and guide ever since I became pregnant with my son (now one year old). I came to know about it while reading another book Spiritual Pregnancy by Gopika Kapoor.

The Toddler Year covers the second and third years of a child’s life.

The Toddler Year also follows the same pattern of question and answer format for each month followed by an article on one prevalent issue of that period. I like this format a lot as it is non cluttered and clear cut. One can skip some questions while concentrate on the one which are more valid for them. The book is gigantic in size so reading word to word the entire book is not possible. I fact I always advice one to have a copy of their own. To read one chapter at a time just like sipping tea and not gulping milk. Reading this way makes more sense as reading the entire book becomes a tedious task.

Regarding information I’ll really need not right anything. The book is an encyclopedia of information. Information which is well researched and updated with time. Its revised edition keep publishing each year as more new information are searched upon. The book is full of practical tips and advises and logical explanation is provided behind every fact. The best part I liked are the articles at the end of each chapter. They deals with some of the real issues like smacking kids or not, letting toddlers watch TV or not etc. These two are my favorite but all other are good piece of articles giving very balanced advice which we seek for.

I was a bit disappointed with the recipe part of the book where author just shares non-veg recipes and all cooked in Microwave certainly written with American country in mind. I was looking for some food ideas which could be easily cooked for toddlers helping them developing taste and also nourishing them in other words laying a good eating foundation. May be they will look into it and add some more recipes in the upcoming revised edition. Meanwhile I have to look up some cookbooks for toddlers for recipe ideas. Will share my recommendation in the upcoming post.

The Verdict: A good book if not the best.  It is not as good as What to Expect When You’re Expecting, What to Expect the 1st Year.


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