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Woman, everything will be fine! written by the first time author Rashmi Trivedi is a memoir or journal of three years of her life which she stayed away from her family in a complete strange city. The author has penned real stories and experience of her transfer phase of three years.

I read this book just after finishing Chetan Bhagat’s One Indian Girl in which he raises the issue of why working women are forced to choose between flying and nesting, between family and career. Woman, everything will be fine! is about a woman who also went through a similar phase but her courage and family support enable her to retain both family and career. To me this book seems like a fitting squeal to One Indian Girl. Only that squeal is much better to read.

The story is about Rashmi who works with a PSU company and got transferred to Bhopal. Rashmi embarks on a new and tedious journey where she will be living all alone in a new city; with her family managing on its own in Delhi; she being traveling to and fro between Bhopal and Delhi on weekends. 

There is nothing new for men to leave behind their family in search of work. But when it comes to woman it becomes her biggest dilemma and most of the time end up leaving the company. Even if she goes the guilt, to leave the kids behind, leaving household responsibility on husband, weighs high on mind.

Our protagonist in the book was also in the same situation. But she like any woman is a perfect juggler and a multitasker and managed both her work and family with elan. We all are. But it’s just that we forget our virtues and rely more on other’s opinion. 

Readers especially women, working or not, could easily relate with the character of Rashmi. She is like any other Indian woman who loves her family, protective about children, feels guilty when not able to give enough time to them and then over-pamper them in order to compensate. 

I specially find few of the explanation of author very hilarious and witty. Like all the problems in women’s like starts with Men. For instance MENstruation, MENtal breakdown, MENopause. Wow I never thought of that.                Our wardrobes are full of clothes and shoes but there is nothing appropriate to wear according to the function or holiday trip so shopping is compulsory.    

Author’s writing style is simple yet seamless. She writes in the most candid style wrapped with hilarious punches which will give its readers a laughing riot. I specially enjoyed reading her lash out to her poor dear husband who becomes her punching bag. Story of every household where husbands becomes punching bag when the queen of house’s life sucks.

Though a debutante the author has an eye of a seasoned writer. Her narration and description in the book were so precise and vivid that I could actually imagine everything happening in front me.

Her sense of humor is noteworthy. It is bound to become impeccable with each book. A flying Bat in the dark room could be a scary experience for anyone but the author presented the entire episode of her encounter with the Bat in the most lively and funny style.

The author has shared many anecdotes and incidents throughout the book. Some were comical, a few were strange, many of them were very inspiring, several of them taught life lessons. Couple of them were boring as well but no dull moments in the book.

Last two chapters of the book What I Gained and Pearls of Wisdom were fabulous. She summarized her life lessons in few pages which otherwise self-help writers takes the whole book to do so.

While reading I felt something amiss. There were no stories on her work or office related. Also family side story was also missing. How her husband and kids managing without her. I was like curious to know about it.

book by rashmi trivedi

Anyways I couldn’t end this review before writing this. When the book arrived, it was out of the habit, I just flipped through the book. And was surprise to see cartoonist illustrations of the protoganist in the book at the beginning of every chapter.

It is becoming a trend, these days, to include pictures and sketches in the book which makes fictions such a lively book to read. 

The Verdict:

It is a superb book to read and at the same time inspiring as well especially for the working mothers. The book exhibits a lot of courage and positivity which teaches us to smile and search for happiness in whatever life throws at us. It is must read. 



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