Yaad Shaher Vol 1 & 2 By Neelesh Mishra



After reading The Krishna Key by Ashwin Sanghi and The Cuckoo’s Calling by JK Rowling, two back to back suspense thriller my head of reeling and I needed some light, easy going book which only soothes and relax both mind and body. And I found that calmness in Neelesh Mishra written book Yaad Sheher

It is not only his voice is mesmerizing but also his book Yaad Sheher is also equally fascinating and charming. By voice, I meant his his radio storytelling show ‘YAADON KA IDIOT BOX WITH NEELESH MISRA’ ON 92.7 BIG FM. It is very famous among the radio listeners and Neelesh has a dedicated fan listeners of his show.

There is so much intensity and gravity in his voice. The way he manipulates his voice to describe the various emotions of the story will take you in completely different world. In the world of Neelesh’s imaginary city Yaad.

All those shows, their stories and songs sung by Neelesh will become evergreen and eternal as they are now captured in book Yaad Shaher. The book has been till now launched in two volumes. Yaad Shaher is the compilation of very short stories each having a logical plot and ending. But some of the stories like Ek naya mehman”, Ladies tailor, Fulo ka guldasta, 6 Phere, “ Kissa E Facebook” are marvellous stories. They are very intriguing.

Initailly the Yaad Sheahr was launched in hindi but now the English translation are also available

Verdict: A must read. A treat for all Neelesh Mirsa fans and you will become one after reading the book. The one who have not heard Neelesh Misra’s YAADON KA IDIOT BOX here is the link.

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