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the secret of the nagas by amish tripathi

The Secrets of Nagas by Amish Tripathi Review


The Secrets of Nagas by Amish Tripathi


I have read all the three books of the Shiva Trilogy and no secrets surprised me unlike the secret of Naga. Well Amish really managed quite successfully to keep the naga’s secret wrapped without dropping a single hint of what the secret could be. Really extra points for keeping it so wrapped up.

The Secret of Naga is more action packed book go with a decent pace which keeps the reader engrossed throughout. Sati’s fight with the linger and his pride was appearing to be an attempt of add some pace to the book. But it is not such. In fact that episode proves to be the turning point of the book. Sati was seen more in action in this book which makes you love her character as equal to Shiva. The entire Linger fight episodes came out very well.

The book continues in the quest of evil. Shiva is trying to understand evil and I think the secret of the nagas by amish tripathiAmish has given a very good message. A human being is not good or evil. But the level of his attachment to evil drives him to do wicked or illegal act. We should know when good is turning evil and at right time throw it out of the equation instead of destroying it. Fit quite well in our present situation  scenario. We can take the example of Money and rest I know you will figure out yourself as all you readers are intelligent thinkers as well.

Verdict- Through The Secrets of Nagas, Amish has continued his good work and has sets new standards of creativity.

Nagaon Ka Rahasya in Hindi or
The Secrets of Nagas (Hindi)

The Secrets of Nagas in Telugu

Nagvansh (Gujarati) or The Secrets Of Nagas (Gujarati)

Rahasya Naganche in Marathi or
The Secrets Of Nagas (MARATHI)

The Secrets of Nagas in Malayalam

Free pdf for the Secrets of Nagas in any other language other than English is yet to be available online.

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