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immortals of meluha in malayalam

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immortals of meluha in malayalam

Meluhayile Chiranjeevikal
Meluhayile Chiranjeevikal or Immortals of Meluha in Malayalam needs no special introduction. Shiva trilogy by Amish Tripathi is an international bestseller. Meluhayile Chiranjeevikal is the Malayalam translation of the  Immortals of Meluha, first book of the Shiva trilogy. The two other books of the trilogy are yet to be translated in Malayalam but we all are expecting that they also will hit the shelves soon.

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randamoozham english translation

Randamoozham by Vasudevan Nair
For most of us Mahabharata is all about Krishna and Arjuna. But the legendary Malayalam writer M.T.Vasudevan Nair dares us to look at Mahabharata beyond these two characters.  Randamoozham by Vasudevan Nair sheds light on the giant epic Mahabharata from Bhima’s perspective, the second Pandavas son of Kunti. Randamoozham is the classical master piece of Malayamlam literature and has been translated in many languages including English. The English version has recently released has Bhima: Lone Warrior.

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aatujeevithamAatujeevitham by Benyamin is considered one of the best landmark fiction of the Malayalam literature. It is a heart rendering story about a man named Najeeb who accepts a gulf offer but soon found himself left alone to fathomless deserts of Saudi Arabs. It is a gripping tale and the emotions, pain and trauma of Najeeb had touched the readers heart. It is a lesson for the people who are eager to go abroad and make money, with no proper visa.




the alchemist paulo coelho malayalam
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is an evergreen book all the time. It is a story of a Shepherd who is on treasure hunt. In his search of treasure, the Shepherd not only becomes rich in monetary way but also rich in terms of experience and spiritually. The book is full of wisdom messages which anyone can relate to and get inspired in life. The book has been translated into many languages, Malayalam being one of them.
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